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about us

we are excited to present you our new way of giving and taking back.

Think of yourself strong and tender

lets create a better and more acceptable person and lets dig a bit deeper.

Ready to get a make over that looks a bit more in to detail for the love of cloths and woman.

Lets re-bulit your wardrobe.

about you

What do you want to achieve from this experience from HAUT PERSONAL? 

What do you want to embrace from your character wihtin? (for example: more approachable, kindness, softer)

How would you like to be seen by others? Think about an image of yourself. 

Would you like to divide your professional and personal style?

What characteristics do you admire in others? 

Your Best Assets (Select all that apply)

What kind of budget are you looking at for your total shopping excursion? (excluding personalised assistance fee)



                         200 to 500


                    1,000 to 3,000


                    3,000 to $5,000


                    5,000 to 7,000



               Doesn't really matter. Pretty flexible




What are your favorite stores/designers? (If you have any) Where do you typically shop?

I have a hard time finding pieces that fit me well.

I have a hard time finding pieces that work well with my existing pieces.

I have a hard time putting nice outfits together.

I feel like my wardrobe is outdated and old.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about yourself? Any allergies to fabric or discomfort? Do you have any questions?