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i. Ours. Others. The City. That we impose. Imagined versions. In new and old domains. Of Self. HAUT MEANS SKIN ii. Through acknowledgement of normative binaries and understanding of judgement. Reflecting environment. Empowering thought through surface. Stating expression.

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Haut aims to provide a conscious foundation of how we dress and what we wear. Through questioning the way we engage, Haut provides an alternative within the industry. Against rotations of classicism and economic propositions that want to regulate within a set of widely saleable ideas. By increasing the spectrum of available expression we can access understanding, relevance and reaction more readily. By raising an affordable new standard we increase the access to objects and their representation to those for which ownership was not originally considered. All garments are found and carefully selected and curated to encourage passionate use. Some are new, some have been worn, some we have made with others.

Text by Tom Balchin, Hanna Samson, NellIE Eden.